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Beyond The Mic

About Beyond The Mic

 Two Visionaries, Master Artist Goldi Gold & The Curator of

Sound DJ Kemit, takes the viewers on an inside journey of their respective Creative Flow and Path. An intimate insight from

the Artists themselves and those who know them

best Beyond The Mic.

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Invest In Gold, The first installment from The Beyond_TheMic Series, follows Visual Artist Golden Aurelien a.k.a. 'Goldi Gold' as he embarks upon his first solo exhibition titled 'Invest In Gold'. The cameras follow Goldi Gold 48 hours before the opening night, as interviews with those closets to Goldi is juxstaposed with interviews of Goldie Himself , as well as, 'the before' 'the event' and 'the after'. Set to a pulsating soundtrack produced by Lexx Boggie and Film Director Mark Eschoe.

Beyond The Mic: Invest In Gold Ep.1
Marley Media Productions

Beyond The Mic: Invest In Gold Ep.1


Spreadlove covers the story behind Music Curator Kevin Hyman a.k.a. DJ Kemit from his early days growing up in Milwaukee to becoming the Musical Icon in his adoptive hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Dubbed "..Your favorite DJ's favorite DJ" Kemit gives first hand accounts of the paths he took to attain the level of Excellence on the turn tables. We are treated to commentary by entertainment artist Eric Roberson, DJ Mars, DJ Malik Stone to name a few. Soundtrack produced by Lexx Boggie, DJ Kemit and Mark Eschoe

Beyond The Mic: SpreadLove Ep.2
Marley Media Productions

Beyond The Mic: SpreadLove Ep.2

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